SHAH-E-HAMDAN SCHOOL & COLLEGE SYSTEM has an edge of multiplicity in the curricula it is offering.It aims at developing in the students, the administrative élan coupled with economic oriented attitude. It is determined to develop the innate urges of the students and direct their energies toward the accomplishment of their individuals and social demands. Those lagging behind in these areas are likely to be reduced to the hews of wood. No wonder then computer application,Education in general and business administration are taught as instruments of progress and development in the college. Because knowledge of computers has become sine quanon for industrial and technical progress, we extend special trailed computer training packages even in the bachelor and master of business administration. Duly affiliated with the UNIVERSITY OF AZAD KASHMIRMUZAFFARABAD and BOARD OF INTERMEDIATE AND SECONDARY EDUCATION MIPUR AZAD KASHMIR, all the degree programs offered at SHAH-E-HAMDAN college are recognized both in Pakistan and abroad.University takes the external exams of the students in its routine system. We at shah e Hamdan College strive for providing ideal teaching/ learning environment with a view to management techniques among out students that would enable them to make their marks in this highly competitive and drive qualities, play a pivotal role in the building personality qualities that create the difference. Our courses of the study and curricula have been designed to achieve these ideals.